Shopprix Xpress, Taliparamba


Shopprix Xpress,

Opp. Bus Stand,

Opp. Bus Stand,

With the successful operation of Shopprix Express in 2020, we opened our next outlet in 2021 near Old bus stand Taliparamba. The quick access to customers with a good parking space. We have our beloved staff working for you in solving your issues at demand in less time. This is a miniature version of our supermarts and we do not compromise on the quality we offer.

As the second venture, the challenges were to keep up with the first but it was so far the easiest part of the agenda and we made it happen. We simplified it with the introduction of Customer feedback on Shopprix Express which enables us to introduce a pattern so that the customers can go through an easy process of a purchase-pay-go version in minutes. It is designed as a small portion of our large venture and easy access to all products. It is particularly enabled for grocery and stationery and we deliver it in quantity as you say. We expanded our door delivery services here. It is a quick stop for all our customers, and we are happy to save your time. We value every customer and we must make things easy for you. We are planning for a new introduction to the large chain of Shopprix with the confidence and trust the customers have in us

‘Retail in Detail’ at your service.