Shopprix Super Mart, Supermarket in Payyanur

Supermarket in Payyanur

Shopprix Super Mart,

Opp. New Bus Stand,


Shopprix hypermarket in Payyanur revolutionized the shopping experience, offering a wide range of options to cater to the needs of the community. With a focus on convenience and quality, the mall became a hub for various stores, including grocery stores, shoe stores, and general outlets.

One of the standout features of Shopprix Supermarket in Payyanur was its exceptional selection of grocery stores. These stores stocked a comprehensive range of grocery items, ensuring that customers had access to all their household needs. From fresh produce to pantry staples, shoppers could find the best deal on trending grocery items, all conveniently located within the mall.

For those looking for the best deal on trending products, Shopprix Supermarket in Payyanur became the preferred destination. The mall's commitment to offering competitive prices and staying updated with the latest trends made it a hotspot for shoppers seeking the best value for their money. Whether it was groceries, electronics, or fashion items, customers could find great deals on popular products.

Shopprix mall's diverse range of stores provided an extensive selection of grocery items, catering to the varied needs of shoppers. From everyday essentials to specialty products, the hypermarket in Payyanur offered a one-stop shopping experience for grocery items. Customers could explore different stores within the mall to find their preferred brands and products.

For individuals looking for a supermarket near them, Shopprix mall's central location near the new bus stand in Payyanur made it easily accessible. The mall served as a convenient hub for shoppers seeking nearby outlets. Whether it was a supermarket, shoe stores, or general shop, customers could find a variety of options within close proximity.

“I have been a customer since 2006 and the customer care is very good“ -Savithri, a homemaker and a regular customer.

“Wide range of items and good offers” -Nadeem through google reviews.

“Easy to reach and parking is available “ -Sukumaran via Facebook.

Supermarket in Payyanur