Shopprix Super Center, Taliparamba


Shopprix Super Center,
National Highway,

The warm welcome and the trust we received from the people of Payyanur gave us the courage to open the largest shopping center, the Shopprix Supercenter in Taliparamba in the year 2013.

We acknowledge those who trusted us and helped us to establish the most prominent signature in the shopping legacy of Taliparamba.

Retail in detail was the motto we look forward to each day and it's all about our customers, we detail every product we deliver through us and we maintain the standards of the trust you have in us.

Our multistoried super centre is close to the National highways and we are easy to reach and we have our parking facility. We deal with basic grocery items to kitchen appliances, fashion stores, foot mart, electronics, stationary, and much more. We ensure our products are of world-class standard and fresh. We have the right quantity and quality and it is our privilege to be in service to you.

We have a history with you, and it's our responsibility to keep up the word. We ensure you are satisfied with the care we provide and more than 50 employees are at your service in the super center.

It has been more than 7 years since we landed on the map and it's a pleasure for us. We thank you for the welcome we received and we are here more to help.

We aim at delivering quality and quantity as you desire and we are in pursuit of creating that starting by implementing door delivery and mini-marts as part of the chain.

We aim at continuing the good relationship we have with the people and we are happy to introduce different means for enhancing the customer experience to you.