Mr. Muhammed Madani Group Chairman

Mr. Muhammed Madani Kodiyil Founder and Chairman of Shopprix India Private Limited also named ABC Madani, is among the top leaders with a notable presence in Southern India, Middle East and Africa.

He is a multifaceted Social Enterpreneur who has an experience in Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, OEM Manufacturing, Imports, Exports, Projects, E-commerce, Manufacturing and International Operations, business across India and Abroad.

He is the founder and Chairman of ABC Group, established in 1998, with over 35 flagship segments spread across 07 countries, after making a prominent remark in Ceramics, Tiles, Sanitaryware, Bathrooms and allied products in the field of building materials.

team Mr. Muhammed Sherifool Madani K.N Managing Director

Mr. Muhammed Sherifool Madani KN is a Managing Director of Shopprix India Private Limited From the year 2005 onwards.

He perceived 25 years of Experience in retail business in India and Abroad.

His experience, ability, drive, devotion, and skills help him to implement this organization smoothly and professionally. materials.

siddique Mr. Siddique K.M Director

Mr. Siddique K.M, Director of the Shopprix Group, is a thriving businessman with inspirational business leadership qualities

He has 25 years of experience in retail business and Director of Shopprix from the year 2005.

He has played instrumental Role in continuing progression and innovative contributions to industry and business

gafoor Mr.Abdul Gafoor Muhammed Director

Mr. Abdul Gafoor Muhammed, Director of a Shopprix Private limited, is a business acumen accumulated over years of experience across various organizations in various capacities.

He serves over 34 years of experience in investment and consultancy services, financial investment, business administration, marketing, finance and mentoring.

He has strong mentoring abilities to help business owners and operators and assist them to achieve and amplify goals of Productivity, Reach, Growth and revenue Generations.

He also focused on ever challenging and dynamic IT & Service Industry



Mr. Abdul Kader HajiDirector


Mr. Mohammed Kutty Director


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