Mr. Muhammed Madani Group Chairman

Mr. Muhammed Madani Kodiyil Founder and Managing Director of the, Shopprix India Private Limited also named ABC Madani, is among the top leaders with a notable presence in Southern India, Middle East and Africa.

He is a multifaceted Social Enterpreneur who has an experience in Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, OEM Manufacturing, Imports, Exports, Projects, E-commerce, Manufacturing and International Operations, business across India and Abroad.

He is the founder and Chairman of ABC Group, established in 1998, with over 35 flagship segments spread across 07 countries, after making a prominent remark in Ceramics, Tiles, Sanitaryware, Bathrooms and allied products in the field of building materials.

Our Business Model


The SHOPPRIX follows the concept of “RETAIL IN DETAIL” which means we offer our customers a great shopping experience each time they visit SHOPPRIX store by offering a vast diversified range of products under one roof without compromising quality and freshness, value for money and impressive services. SHOPPRIX serves the needs of today’s value seeking customers based on the socio-economic condition, purchasing power and customer trends.


In north Kerala, presently Shopprix operates over 75000 square feet areas across three successful stores in three cities including Payyanur, Taliparamba at Kannur District and Sulthan Bathery at Wayanad District with more than 60000 loyalty card holders. Between its 3 successful stores, SHOPPRIX serves over 1250000 customers per annum and the SHOPPRIX crossed the turnover of Rs. 103 crores in the last year


Customer Profile of shoppers in Shopprix

Our location strategy puts us in close proximity of our customers and also helps us define and know our customer better than most other retail format. Most of the Shopprix customers are family consumption group with seeking both value and diversified range of products. In terms of age and gender, we cater to all consumer segments by keeping our offerings relevant for everyone. And the majority of the customer belong to the 20+ age group. Shopprix commit to provide best in class retail services. We are treating our customer as a life blood of our business. For that we have a team of 350 plus people who work directly and more than that indirectly with the organization. SHOPPRIX stores attracts a footfall of more than 12 lakhs every year and the count is growing.


Product range available in Shopprix

In SHOPPRIX, Customers have the option to choose from a wide variety of quality products in every category ranging from grocery, fruits and vegetables, bakery, dairy, meat, poultry and fish, home textiles, personal care, crockery, utensils, plastics and kitchen appliances, electronics and much more. SHOPPRIX offers its customers a family ambience, good customer service, 75000 plus product lines in an affordable price with attractive promotions/ schemes/ offers, loyalty program etc.,

We carry a full range of what most customers need on day to day basis. Broadly the categories that we carry in our stores are

At Shopprix, there is no compromise for Q & Q

Taking proud in being one of the best retailer with 60000 plus satisfied customers SHOPPRIX consider that Quality and Quantity in affordable price as pivotal part of its existence. That is why we have a meticulously envisaged quality assurance procedure that takes account of every single stage of processing from the suppliers to customers. Shopprix and it’s employees main aim is to ensure that the product we offer and sell are the level of quality expected by our customers. This is achieved through efficient and cost effective working practices throughout all aspects of our business and continued investment in the latest pulse cleaning technology. Our quality standards comply with all relevant legislation. Staff have suitable training and experience to ensure that our customers specification and expectations are met.

We have a thorough Quality control scheme and are supported by a fully integrated quality assurance program. Constant inspections are made on all products with a watchful eye over processing and repacking at all times whilst comparing to the various customer specifications that we have in place.

7 Years of Shopprix, Expansion Plan

In future SHOPPRIX planned to operates its business In three different store formats, which can be classified as express store, super mart and supercenter.


Centralized purchasing and warehousing


Stores formats going to open


Private label product (own)


Advanced E commerce portal


Physical form for aged customers

Future Plans