Chairman Message


Mr. Muhammed Madani

Group Chairman

In 2005 September 30, SHOPPRIX took its first step in the competitive retail world. More than a decade passed, and now, the venture has established itself a strong force to be reckoned with in the retail sector.

To simply put, SHOPPRIX provides a global retail experience at your home town. However, the SHOPPRIX phenomenon extends itself much beyond this definition. It is redefining the concept of business in the FMCG sector, Here, world-class brands meet quality products at affordable price points. Besides an impressive customer experience adds more value to the SHOPPRIX experience.

SHOPPRIX can be described a regional entity with a global presence which is relentlessly in touch with lifestyle of common people. It focuses on its mission of making available all the products under one roof at affordable price. The expanding presence of SHOPPRIX in the region and its varied brands help it to provide the best shopping experience to clientele.

When it comes to business, any business, sky is the limit, and the SHOPPRIX is seeking new horizons of growth in the retail sector with a mission to provide a global experience in the region.